Updated April 15, 2016


1.1 Definition of Bylaws: These Bylaws constitute the code of rules adopted by the Greater Killeen Young Professionals (herein referred to as GKYP) for the regulation and management of its affairs.

1.2 Purpose:

The mission of GKYP is to connect young professionals in a way that grows individuals, the organization and the community.


Building relationships and sharing ideas so we can achieve growth as an organization and as individuals while having a good time.

Inspiring and educating young professionals by connecting them with community leaders.

Connecting young professionals to service opportunities that create an outlet to give back to a community in which they want to live, help work and play.

Engaging and integrating young professionals in a way that benefits the organization, the individual and the community.

so that…

GKYP can demonstrate the transformational potential of a community where young professionals thrive and where they choose to live.

1.3 Structure: GKYP is a division of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce (herein referred to as GKCC). No part of the net earnings of GKYP will go toward the benefit of any private Member, individual, or entity. Net earnings shall remain in the dedicated GKYP account that is overseen and managed by GKCC.


2.1 Membership: GKYP shall have two classes of Members, Individual and Corporate, consisting of any individual who shares in the goals of GKYP. General Members must satisfy the following criteria:
(i) Complete an application for membership;
(ii) Pay annual dues for membership set forth by the Board of Directors (herein referred to as the Board);
(iii) Meet such other criteria applicable to the membership, as the Board may deem appropriate.


3.1 Qualifications of Board Members: Each Board Member shall be a GKYP Member in good standing.

3.2 General Powers: The Board shall manage the affairs of GKYP.

3.3 Composition of the Board: The Board shall be composed of a maximum of nine Board Members to include the following officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

3.4 Term of Office: The term of office for all Board Members shall begin on October 1 and continue for one year for a maximum of three consecutive terms, with an opportunity to be re-nominated.

3.5 Board Member Nominating Committee: At the June Board Meeting, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee Chair along with an equal representation of Board Members not seeking office and positions from the General Membership to serve on the Nominating Committee.

3.6 Board Nominations and Appointments: An email shall be sent to all Members requesting nominations for Board Members by the first full week of July. It is the responsibility of the Members to ensure that their email addresses are up to date. Personal contact is made with the candidates to confirm they are willing to serve if elected. At the August Board Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall present recommendations to replace the Board Members whose regular one-year terms are expiring or to fill any vacant positions. The Board will vote and elect by majority the new Board Members for the following year. The President shall notify the Membership of the new Board Members by email and at the September Membership Meeting. New Board Members shall receive governance training and orientation as defined by the Board.

3.7 Appointment of Board Officers: Immediately following the appointment of new Board Members, the current President shall provide the Nominating Committee with a full list of Board Members for the following year and request that they select a candidate for each office to be filled. The names of those nominated to serve as President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary for the following year will be presented to the Board for consideration at a Board Meeting in early September. The newly appointed Board Members whose terms begin the following year are invited to attend this meeting without voting rights in preparation for the coming year.

3.8 Staff: GKCC shall appoint a Staff Person(s) to serve in an advisory and support role to the Board.

3.9 Removal of Board Members: Board Members will be removed immediately when said Member no longer meets the Membership criteria set forth in §2.1. A Board Member may also be removed by a majority vote of the Board, or for failure to attend two (2) consecutive or any three (3) meetings of the Board in one fiscal year, or in accordance with adopted Board policy.

3.10 Vacancies: Vacancies on the Board outside of the election cycle shall be filled by appointment made by recommendation of the Chair of the Nominating Committee and approved by the remaining Board Members. Members filling the vacancy will complete the remainder of the fiscal year with their one-year term officially beginning in October.

3.11 Action by Consent: Any action authorized by law or these Bylaws may be taken without a meeting of the Board, if consent in email is transmitted to the President by a majority vote of the Board Members and filed with the Secretary of GKYP as minutes.

3.12 Power to Amend Bylaws: In alternating years, the Vice President will form a Bylaws Review Committee consisting of an equal representation of Board Members and individuals from the General Membership. The Bylaws Review Committee will make recommendations for approval to the Board at the February Board meeting. Upon a majority vote, the Board shall have the power to make and amend any Bylaw(s), including the altering of the number of Board Members, provided that the Board shall not make or alter any Bylaw(s) fixing the qualifications, classifications, or term of office of any Member or Members of the then-existing Board.


4.1 Board Meetings: The Board shall meet at a minimum of every other month, at a place and time to be announced by the President; meetings may be cancelled but not consecutive meetings and not more than two (2) times annually.

4.2 Monthly Membership Meetings: The purpose of monthly meetings of the Membership shall be to socialize, network, educate and train, and/or to participate in civic and community affairs.

4.3 Committee Meetings: Committee meetings may be called at any time by the President or by the respective Committee Chair, but may use the time and location of Board meetings during months that alternate with the Board meetings.

4.4 Special Meetings: Special meetings may be called by the majority of the Board.

4.5 Behavior at Meetings: GKYP Members are expected to follow all rules and regulations that are in place by any establishment where meetings and events are held. GKYP Members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and civil manner. If they are exhibiting unacceptable behavior, GKYP Members may be asked to leave any event or meeting by any GKCC Staff Member or GKYP Board Member.


5.1 Quorum of the Board: Presence, as defined by the Board, by a majority of the Board constitutes a quorum.


6.1 President: A GKYP Member must currently serve on the Board to be eligible to serve as President. The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of GKYP and shall preside over all meetings of the Board and of its Members. The President shall have general and active management of the business of GKYP and shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board are carried to effect. The President shall be an Ex-officio Member of all standing committees. The President shall work with the designated GKCC Staff and Board Treasurer to develop the organization’s annual budget to present to the Board for consideration. The President shall serve a one-year term.

6.2 Vice President: The Vice President shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President during the absence or disability of the President. In the event that the current President cannot complete the term as President, the Vice President shall serve as President for the remaining term. The Vice President shall serve a one-year term. The Vice President will be responsible for chairing the Bylaws Review Committee.

6.3 Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for working in conjunction with the designated GKCC Staff for all accounting transactions. The Treasurer shall provide oversight and maintenance of the organization’s budget and coordinate with the President and GKCC Staff to develop the budget. The Treasurer shall serve a one-year term.

6.4 Secretary: The Secretary shall preserve in the books of GKYP true minutes of the proceedings of all Board meetings. In the Secretary’s absence, the President may delegate the duty of minute taking. The Secretary shall serve a one-year term.


7.1 General Provisions: The President, with the counsel and advice of the Board and appointed GKCC Staff, will determine the need for Standing and Ad-hoc Committees and nominate all Committee Chairs.

7.2 Qualifications of Committee Chairs: Any GKYP Member in good standing is eligible to serve as a Committee Chair. If an elected Committee Chair is not a Board Member, then the President shall nominate and the Board shall vote on a Board Member to serve as Co-chair of the Committee. The Committee Chair is invited to serve as Ex-officio to the Board for the duration of the Chair appointment.

7.3 Appointment of Committee Chairs: The President will nominate Committee Chairs at the October Board Meeting and as needed throughout the year. The Board will vote and elect the Committee Chairs by majority after receiving the President’s recommendation.


8.1 Policy Adoption: It is the responsibility of the Board to adopt policies to interpret and supplement the Bylaws and establish governing rules. All policies of the Board will be formalized and recorded in a Policy Manual.

8.2 Policy Manual Distribution: Copies of the Policy Manual will be provided to the Board Members during orientation and will be made available to the Membership upon their request.


9.1 Young Professional of the Year: At the annual GKCC Banquet, the President can present an award for the Young Professional of the Year as selected by the Board no later than the July Board meeting. The recipient of this award should exhibit dedication and service toward GKYP, be an example of the qualities GKYP stands for, and be a Member in good standing or an immediate Past Member.